Omnibus account facilities

What is an Omnibus Broker?

The Omnibus Broker facility is available to approved partners, who are appropriately licensed and regulated brokers. In the Omnibus Broker account structure, all trades are placed by you on behalf of your clients, who are unknown to

How do I apply to become an Omnibus Broker?

If you are a licensed and regulated broker in your home jurisdiction, you may apply by contacting our affiliate manager.

How does the Omnibus Broker facility work?

Once approved, your account becomes the omnibus master account. All incoming deposits and outgoing withdrawals should be made from this account. You may then create sub-accounts which will hold records of the trades made on behalf of your clients. You may transfer funds to/from your master account and sub-accounts using the account transfers call.

Transacting on sub-accounts

To create transactions in sub-accounts, you will need to use the API token facilities. The Oauth facility does not work with sub-accounts.